Looking for a Cool Gift? Why Not Buy an Ice Watch?

Have you been looking for a gift that is more unusual than what you have given in the past? Have you looked at clothes, jewelry, books and DVDs, but still cannot find anything particularly unusual?

If so, buying an ice watch may solve your problem. These watches are extremely cool and stylish, but also one of the more unusual gifts to buy.

What are ice watches? — First designed by a Belgian company more than a decade ago, ice watches are large, chunky and very brightly colored. Each watch is made with a wide silicone watch band, a large watch face and with a stainless steel watch body.

They come in bright red, yellow, green, purple, orange and blue and, no matter who wears them, they really stand out.

You can even buy a glow in the dark watch if you think the person you are buying for may enjoy it.

Men’s and women’s watches — You can also buy an ice watch for anyone in your life, male or female as ice watches come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Watches come in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles. You can also buy a heavy, chunky man’s watch for a woman if that is what she may prefer.

High quality watches — These Belgian watches are also made from extremely high quality materials. Considering prices are affordable, yet an ice watch can last for many years, they are also an excellent gift choice in that respect.

Each ice watch comes with a guarantee, and can be returned within a certain period of time if the watch is not to your liking.

Check out the online merchants currently selling ice watches. Chances are you will find a watch that is perfect for the recipient you have in mind.

Three Tips On How To Buy A Quality Watch Within Reason

Three Tips On How To Buy A Quality Watch Within Reason

One man spent more than $500 on luxury watches in Hong Kong. He was led to believe that they were the real deal. They turned out to be fake, a lesson, which he said, cost him dearly. I am mentioning this because I would like to see you guys learn from his mistakes, instead of making your own.

1)Style Watch

You need to educate yourself on the different styles, even with ice watches. There are a lot of people trying to pass off fake watches as the real deal. You find this especially in backroom deals, like where the guy went. You might be in a foreign land, but that does not mean they are not going to try something. They love “tourists.”

Know the watch, the company, the background, and the make before buying. There are plenty of online style blogs you can look at for inspiration.

2)Know the Watch

You need to know the value of the watch you want. Look up the market value before investing. That way you know whether the guy is trying to rob you or not. Some people like to charge more for the watch than it is worth.

Most watch dealers do not like to be challenged on a price, especially if they are trying to take advantage. Sometimes you got to do what you have to do.

3)You Need Protection

Yes, your watch purchase needs to be protected, just in case something happens. Check with the guy about the protection they offer. No protection? You should go somewhere else. You cannot trust anyone that does not come with some kind of protection.

Ask about references and where to go if they cannot help you. For more details read on ice watch.

Keeping It Cool with a Different Type of Watch

The English language is as poetic as it is utilitarian. We often find that words and phrases have more than one meaning. And oftentimes the convergence of phrases can lend itself to a unique and wonderful experience. The ice watch exemplifies the balance between descriptive and poetic phrasing. When one hears the term ice watch they’ll instantly think of ice.

The idea of a watch made of ice will almost certainly be laughed off fairly quickly. And instead one will think about coolness. And that’s where we see a convergence of two ideas. Because the watch obviously isn’t made of ice. But it is one of the coolest watches you’ll ever see. And just as importantly, it’s one of the coolest watches which anyone who knows you will ever see.

Because like many works of art it’s a conversation piece. It’s simply that the watch serves as both conversation piece and timepiece. People can rest assured that it provides the correct time. But it also provides that idea of coolness. But much like we’ve discussed, the concept of coolness is itself somewhat vague. What’s amazingly cool to one person might just be interesting to another. And that’s one of the reasons why there’s so much divergence in design among various iterations of the ice watch.

The ice watch really doesn’t have a single form factor that’s shared among every version. Instead there’s a multitude of different takes on the general concept. Some have a hefty and angular presence. Others go for a more flowing and liquid ideal.

And within the form factors one can find a great deal of variety in terms of color and aesthetics.The ice watch is obviously something that people will love for its reliability. But what will keep people coming back is the sheer ideal of coolness which it so exemplifies.

Reasons to Consider an Ice Watch

You might have trouble getting places on time because you do not always know what time it is. You could check your phone when you are wondering what time it is, but that is not always the easiest option and it can cause you to look rude when you are spending time with others. It can be helpful to have a watch on your wrist that will help you quickly and easily check what time it is and stay on schedule. You can find a watch that will suit you and that will make your life a little easier to face.

There are Ice Watches in a Variety of Styles:

If you are thinking about wearing a watch, you have to find one that is in a style that will go well with the clothing that you wear. You should consider Ice watches and all of the styles that they are available in so that you can find something that you will love to wear and that will fit with all of the clothing that you wear.

There are Ice Watches in a Good Mix of Colors:

When you decide to wear a watch, you want to wear one in a color that you feel fits with who you are. When you look at all of the Ice watches available, you will see that they are available in many different colors. Whether you want something in a fun color or something that is more neutral, you can find an ice watch that will work for you.

You Will Stay on Track with Help from an Ice Watch:

You can purchase a watch that will help you to always know what time it is. You can stay on track when you have a watch on your wrist to help you know the time.

The Olivia Burton Collection

The Olivia Burton Collection

This brand was founded by two best friends. How many of us have had a dream and wished we could bring a family member or a friend along as a partner? Well, Jemma and Lesa had a dream of entrepreneurship that included each other. These young ladies met while attending The College Of Fashion. While there the bond grew into an unbreakable bond. Both Jemma and Lesa wanted to start their own business that catered to vintage lovers. There is nothing like working alongside someone who share your dreams and vision.

Jemma and Lesa both had a unwavering love for vintage pieces; So much so that they would go to antique markets looking to buy pieces. Eventually side by side as fate would have it they started a career buying fashion. Of course this wasn’t their complete passion so there would be more to come. In 2011 Jemma and Lesa decided they would quit their jobs and work for themselves. The beautiful watches begain being created at their very own kitchen table.

Olivia Burton was the name that the girls decided on for the brand. This was unique because it was Lesa’s aunt name who had inspired them both to be great. The Olivia Burton Collection showed up on the scene in September of 2012. Olivia Burton has become one of the top selling brands/collections in the world. This collection is made up of many different styles, colors, fashion trends and more. 

If you are looking to purchase a beautiful ring, necklace, bracelet, watch or earrings Olivia Burton is a great place to start. The beautiful vintage inspired accessories are sure to leave you in awe. Shopping for accessories can sometimes be a huge headace when your in search for timeless my pieces. Search no more my friend olivia Burton is here or read on ice watch for more idea.

Ice Watch

Watches are great to have in any place where you need access to the time but you are not allowed to bring your phone inside. People find timepieces very attractive so for any guy who is looking to impress a beautiful woman should look into buying a premium watch because it has the ability to change their lives forever. The ice watch company has begun to produce some of the best watches that are available on the open market.


People are starting to notice how great the company is when it comes to producing quality watches. The company has been very successful over recent years due to the quality of products they produce. When you step back and look at the companies business model it is not hard to see why the company has been so successful in today’s day and age. With so many watch companies available on the open market it can be hard to narrow down the options from the selections that are available. It is always very important to research any watch company that you are looking to purchase a timepiece from.


In today’s day and age, there are so many companies that produce items that are subpar when you compare them to companies such as ice watches. The future is very bright for anyone who is looking to obtain access to a premium product at a quality price. Always remember that timepieces are great for anyone who is looking to make a good first impression on the people that they meet throughout their lives. Women love men who have a great sense of style because it shows that they are able to put themselves together when it comes t style and fashion. If you are looking to attract more women into your life ice watches are perfect for you to purchase. The future is bright for the people who are purchasing quality timepieces for the ice watch company.