The Olivia Burton Collection

The Olivia Burton Collection

This brand was founded by two best friends. How many of us have had a dream and wished we could bring a family member or a friend along as a partner? Well, Jemma and Lesa had a dream of entrepreneurship that included each other. These young ladies met while attending The College Of Fashion. While there the bond grew into an unbreakable bond. Both Jemma and Lesa wanted to start their own business that catered to vintage lovers. There is nothing like working alongside someone who share your dreams and vision.

Jemma and Lesa both had a unwavering love for vintage pieces; So much so that they would go to antique markets looking to buy pieces. Eventually side by side as fate would have it they started a career buying fashion. Of course this wasn’t their complete passion so there would be more to come. In 2011 Jemma and Lesa decided they would quit their jobs and work for themselves. The beautiful watches begain being created at their very own kitchen table.

Olivia Burton was the name that the girls decided on for the brand. This was unique because it was Lesa’s aunt name who had inspired them both to be great. The Olivia Burton Collection showed up on the scene in September of 2012. Olivia Burton has become one of the top selling brands/collections in the world. This collection is made up of many different styles, colors, fashion trends and more. 

If you are looking to purchase a beautiful ring, necklace, bracelet, watch or earrings Olivia Burton is a great place to start. The beautiful vintage inspired accessories are sure to leave you in awe. Shopping for accessories can sometimes be a huge headace when your in search for timeless my pieces. Search no more my friend olivia Burton is here or read on ice watch for more idea.

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